3D Virtual Reality with Multispectral Fluorescent

Confocal Imaging Microscopy

Rogers Imaging Introduces extended depth 3D Virtual Reality with Multispectral Fluorescent Confocal Imaging Microscopy with Revolutionary Results. Rogers Imaging Corporation, a specialized research and development consulting group, is pleased to present the next generation of imaging – immersive, 3D virtual reality-based microscopy (VR). The application of VR into applied research imaging has opened up new horizons in all sectors that rely on fast, accurate image analysis.

The VR technique long held as a promising capability is now here. Using the VR technique using a mid-level Windows PC, real image data is reconstructed in the virtual reality domain manipulated and interacted with by simply using hand gestures, shared among multiple sites across the world!. Microscopy will never be the same again. The datasets created by VR technology are as real life as they could get. More than that, the hand based interaction makes the future come alive, giving an immersive experience into biological and scientific objects.

The user simply moves their hands to manipulate the 3D virtual image for actions such as move, rotate, scale, or segment features within the structure of interest. While you are inside the dataset, enhanced depth perception is just like touching the object in the real world. Using only hand gestures, users can reach right inside the dataset to mark, measure, edit or classify any element or segment. As a sample, Rogers Imaging has created a 3D reconstruction of a rodent lung containing foreign bodies using its proprietary specimen processing technique.

The real-life dataset directly shows visuals of inflammatory cell response to experimentally-exposed foreign bodies, with details to reveal measurements context with enhanced fibrotic response, pathological and histopathological features as a correlative metrics.

This revolutionary 3D VR imaging technique offered by Rogers Imaging will be of immense value in a range of fields, including neuroscience, cell research, immunology, cancer studies as well as developmental biology. However, Rogers Imaging has a long standing commitment to applied solutions represented by biomolecular therapies, as well as our specialty in the areas of product stewardship and litigation.

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