Microscopy and Imaging Facility

We are the imaging and analysis partner for all your research needs. Rogers Imaging provides a wide range of microscopy services, tools, training, custom analytical solutions and expertise to meet your research needs.

Specializing in biological, biotechnology and biomedical sample preparation and analysis.

  • Sample analysis

  • Contract Research

Microscopy and Imaging Facility, Sample analysis, Contract Research

Sample Analysis

We have imaging experts on site to analyze your samples. Bring it, ship it or upload your image data for analysis

Digital image analysis (upload your image data)

Quantitative image analysis 

High-throughput data analysis

EDS analysis.

Particle composition and localization within biological structures

3D reconstructions, videos and Virtual Reality analysis 

Contract Research

R&D of scientific research and manufactured goods

  • Product and material analysis
  • Provide a report with information relevant to the product, like type of fibers, contact points per length and open areas.

Experience working with start-ups, small companies, joint academics with SBIR or STTR to produce milestones in a timely manner and within budget.

  • Contract research, customized and confidential
  • Quick turnaround project
  • Independent technology/product evaluation and analysis
  • Quality Control and failure analysis
  • Customized protocols

Pharma industry: Sample preparations and processes for toxicology, independent result verification to future FDA applications as part of the drug developing program.

High-throughput: We have the capability of generating and analyzing millions of micrographs, generating Terabites of data, with automated analysis. These processes generate quantitative and imaging data. Data then is plotted into graphs and robust statistical data to present information suitable for interpretation.

microscopy and imaging facility, R&D of scientific research
  • Rigorous scientific methodology

  • From one sample to high-throughput analysis

  • Full imaging core: experimental design, imaging acquisition, processes and analysis

  • Specialized imaging staff on site to collect, analyze and provide a detailed report

  • Conceptual pipeline: bar graphs with statistics

  • Manual or automated image data acquisition, number of observations

  • Multi-dimensional imaging

  • Serial sections (from 25 to 1,000 observations)

  • Analysis of hundreds of variables for each sample

  • Processes: detailed examination of the micrograph

  • 3D mapping of structures

  • Reports are generated in quantitative analysis of histograms, raw data, statistical calculations with standard error

  • 3D reconstructions and videos

  • Consultation for experimental design (detection molecules, imaging parameters)

  • Have developed new approaches and methods in tissue processing, imaging and analysis that have led to proprietary approaches and patents

  • Vast experience in publications in peer review journals

  • Experts in biologic and biomedical samples and analysis

  • Quantitative data from cells, tissues, histopathology, biology and man-made materials

  • Detection and analysis of biological responses

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