Cellular Profiling Core Facility

Mass cytometry, or cytometry by time-of-flight, enables greater comprehension to your research by letting you simultaneously measure more than independent 40 parameters from millions of cells.

A key component of the facility is a CyTOF mass cytometer.

Our customers’ published research demonstrates transformative discovery in the life sciences.

  • Cancer Research

  • Immunology

  • Stem cell biology

  • Vaccine Research

  • Basic Science

  • Translational research

microscopy and imaging facility, Mass Cytometry (CyTOF)

The Elements of Mass Cytometry

Throughput & Resolution

Helios is barcoding enabled. This increases throughput while improving data quality, allowing you to analyze more experimental variables simultaneously.

Metal Isotopes

Mass cytometry employs heavy metal isotope tags to simultaneously measure multiple cellular targets. High-purity metallic isotopes ensure minimal background from signal overlap or endogenous cellular components.


Helios expands the mass cytometry range to 135 channels ensuring comprehensive studies today, and flexibility to scale in the future as new metal tags are developed.


Fluidigm offers metal-tagged antibodies as individual reagents and in preassembled kits targeting specific applications, which can be combined to build high-dimensional proteomic panels for profiling cellular systems

How Mass Cytometry Works

microscopy and imaging facility, Mass Cytometry (CyTOF)
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