Inspection Services for Electronics






To maintain your company’s reputation, individual third-party inspections of high-tech manufactured electronics and goods are necessary. You can now avoid complaints and costly returns from the clients by using the proper prior analysis for product shipping and production.

Here, Rogers Imaging helps you with complete inspection services for the high-tech electronics and manufacturing community. We can bring the full analysis methodologies according to the industry’s standard and provide ongoing support services and customized analysis packages. Furthermore, we offer entirely destructive and non-destructive inspection methods.

Microscopy and Imaging Facility, Sample analysis, Contract Research

Other Lab Services

We have imaging experts on site to analyze your samples. Bring it, ship it or upload your image data for analysis

Material Testing

Particle Analysis

High-throughput data analysis

Engineering Support

Unkown Material Identification

Composition Analysis of Materials

Product Development R & D Laboratory Testing

Comparative Testing Lab Services

Nano-Material and Nano-Particle Testing Lab

Inspection Services for Electronics

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