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On-site rental only. We DO NOT ship/rent equipment outside of our facility.

We offer acces to microscopy equipment and high-end microscope use by the hour with on-site specialists available to assist you if needed.

  • Light microscopy with fluorescence

  • Confocal Microscopy (CLSM)

  • DIC

  • Phase Contrast

  • Bright field

  • SEM

  • EDS

  • Elemental mapping

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Microscopy Equipment Rental, Hourly Equipment Access

Confocal microscopy (CLSM)

Confocal laser scanning microscopes (CLSM) scan samples sequentially point by point, or multiple points at once. The pixel information is assembled into an image. As a result, the optical sections are acquired with high contrast and high resolution in x, y and z. This instrument offers high sensitivity and spectral flexibility processes larger fields of view in super resolution and with shorter acquisition times; can image fixed samples with higher throughput and less bleaching.

Confocal microscopy is broadly used to resolve the detailed structure of the specific objects within the cell. Living or fixed cells or tissues can be specifically labeled using immunofluorescence.  Enables the creation of sharp images of the exact plane of focus without disturbance of the fluorescent light from the background or other regions. Thicker samples can be analyzed with a confocal microscope. It also offers the ability to stack several images from different optical planes to create 3D structures to be analyzed.


  • 3D examinations

  • Multi Fluorescence

  • Colocalization

  • Spectral imaging, Unmixing

  • Excitation Fingerprinting

  • Live cell imaging

  • Ion imaging

  • FLIM, RGB range

  • FRET and Anisotropy

  • FRAP and FLIP

  • Photoactivation/-conversion

  • Uncaging

  • In vivo examinations

  • 3D in-depth imaging

  • RICS, spectral FCS

  • FCS auto-correlation

  • FCS cross-correlation

  • Multiple objectives (Dry, water, oil immersion)

Confocal microscope:  ZEISS LSM780

Versatile microscope to address most research needs with a 34 channel GaAsp detector;
405/Ar/514/561/594/633 lasers and multiple objectives that adapt to your needs

  • 34 channel GaAsp detector

  • Lasers available: 405/Ar/514/561/594/633 lasers

  • Multiple objectives

Microscopy Equipment Rental, Hourly Equipment Access

Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscopy

We offer cutting edge imaging and analysis research across the physical and biological sciences with expertise in many aspects of electron microscopy and related techniques.

The technique of Scanning Electron Microscopy is a focused beam of electrons rastered across the specimen sample, and the transmitted beam is analyzed. SEM analyses include dark field imaging, bright field imaging, and spatially resolved analytical signals such as energy dispersive x-ray spectroscopy (EDS) or electron energy loss spectroscopy (EELS) enabling high resolution imaging combined with analytical analysis, it offers a very high spatial SEM that can perform imaging at variable or extended pressure.  These tools enable researchers to compensate for charging effects using an inert gas, and to study specimens under a greater range of conditions, including under hydration.

We offer sample preparation, patterning, milling and in-situ analysis. Our high-resolution scanning electron microscope is equipped with a variety of detectors that are used to study a broad range of specimens, from hard materials to biological specimens.


  • Particle feature analysis (coal ash, any kind of dust, lead paint, nanoparticles)

  • Technical Cleanliness (automotive, metal)

  • Fiber Analysis

  • Asbestos Analysis

  • Minerealogy and chemical analysis

  • Geological materials

  • Characterization of minerals with similar Christal structure

  • Mineral liberation analysis

  • Characterization of manufacturing powders

  • Nanomaterial characterization

  • Thin film characterization (membranes and filters)

  • Contaminants in lithium batteries

  • Additive manufacturing

  • Identification of contaminants in food and soil

  • Structural materials and components

  • Battery technology

  • Gunshot residue (GSR)

  • Environmental contaminants

  • Identification of Catalyst Materials

  • Biological samples

  • Nanomaterials

JEOL JSM-IT500HR/LV enabled with an Oxford Aztec EDS

High-resolution Field Emission SEM performance delivers exceptional fidelity at any kV. provides amazing high-resolution imaging along with high sensitivity and high spatial resolution analysis at faster speeds. Achieves resolution of 1.5nm at 30kV, and 4nm at 1kV.

  • High resolution SEM with high brightness (1.5nm at 30kV, 4nm at 1kV)

  • Magnification up to 600,000X (print), >1,670,000X (display)

  • Fully integrated and automated low vacuum system that can be used with High and Low Vacuum mode

  • Large Environmental Specimen Chamber can hold samples up to 10 inches to enable secure large, heavy and odd shaped objects on the stage with clear positioning prior to evacuating the chamber

Microscopy Equipment Rental, Hourly Equipment Access

Automated Detector Oxford EDS X-MaxN 150 for Elemental analysis

Our analytical SEM includes a fully embedded EDS system which provides real-time EDS spectra during image observation. With automated montaging, the SEM automatically collects montage images and EDS data.

Energy Dispersive Spectroscopy (EDS) Analysis provides elemental and chemical analysis of a sample inside the SEM. Oxford Instruments provides AZtec, a new and revolutionary materials characterization system that gathers accurate data at the micro- and nanoscales.

  • Up to 200,000 particles characterized on one sample

  • Real-time detection

  • Morphology and chemistry analysis

  • On-line or post acquisition elemental and phase analysis of particles

  • Parallel analysis and reporting during acquisition

Sample preparation equipment onsite

We have electron microscopy sample preparation areas for hard and soft material specimens.

Rogers Imaging offers full line of biological sample preparation, training and protocols for your specific needs.

Automated critical point dryer

An efficient method for drying delicate samples for SEM applications. It preserves the surface structure of a specimen which could otherwise be damaged due to surface tension when changing from the liquid to gaseous state. Has the capacity to dry biological specimens, as well as industrial samples, like Micro Electro Mechanical Systems (MEMS) or Micro fluids and gels in a fully automated and controlled process.

Microscopy Equipment Rental, Hourly Equipment Access

Automated sputter and carbon coater

A versatile high vacuum film deposition instrument that produces nanometer thin but robust carbon films, deposits a fine-grained metal layer and performs a glow discharge. This carbon coater can be used for depositing thin films on specimens, primarily for high resolution SEM and EDS analysis. It has a turbo pump, rotating specimen stage, and uses carbon rod evaporation. It has an automatic operation.

Performs thin-film (<30 nm) metal deposition for SEM and FIB sample preparation. It offers the coating methods sputtering, carbon thread, carbon rod and e-beam evaporation.  Up to two methods can be used at the same time. This gives the flexibility to choose the best methods for the individual applications. This is realized with angled sources attached to a metal vacuum chamber and a rotating stage to allow evenly distributed films on a stage size over 100mm.

Default material is Pt/Pd 80/20 alloy, which is appropriate for nearly all applications. This tool also has a planetary rotate and tilt stage for high-topography samples.

Microscopy Equipment Rental, Hourly Equipment Access

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