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surface contact analysis - failure analysis
surface contact analysis - failure analysis
microscopy and imaging facility, Free Mobile Microscopy App

Mobile Microscopy is a real time 3D digital model viewer for mobile devices with an integrated digital image platform to navigate isotropic models. Interactive Models created from actual image data provided by scientists, engineers and bio-technologists around the world are at your fingertips. This tool enables users to explore complex image data in any orientation by using just their fingertips to freely fly through different perspectives and apply augmented reality technology for an even more immersive interaction of the data.

The secure platform is a convenient portal to access high resolution models of image data including but not limited to (.tif, .png, .czi, .sis, .obj, DICOM formats) in real time on mobile devices independent of specific image acquisition platforms used in basic research, biomedical, engineering, theoretical modeling and medical imaging systems or use of costly image processing software. The tool enables users to view image data using any mobile device to freely explore and investigate interesting scientific image data.

Multichannel 3D models are made using high resolution images originally recorded in their native format. Typically, these types of images are generated by expensive imaging instruments with limited access or availability. Access to results is dependent on advanced image processing software required to interrogate and segment features of interest. Original image data used for basic and applied research, biotechnology, pharmaceutical, science, medicine, technology, engineering, and manufacturing industries now become readily accessible.

microscopy and imaging facility, Free Mobile Microscopy App

What is it?

Is a 3D Digital Model Viewer enabling users to view digital image data from their mobile device.


The Mobile Microscopy App is an interactive 3D model viewer of original biomedical/scientific image data. It is a one-of-a-kind portal to access models of scientific image data in real time on your mobile device. The representative models have been converted from high resolution images originally recorded in their native format. The App sidesteps advanced image dependance of processing platforms to investigate features of interest from data used for research, biotechnology, pharmaceutical, medicine, science, engineering & manufacturing industries.

The process

Contributors submit original image datasets to our secure server which is then converted into interactive 3D models to faithfully retain features-of-interest.

Contributors retain image data copyright

Abstracts and publications related to these images are linked to each model’s page.

What can I do with the information?

View, interact, change orientation and explore features. Take screen shots and highlight features of interest of models in any 3D perspective. Additional models, video clips and Augmented Reality features are available.

Impact and Significance

Digital model viewer for mobile devices provides an important bridge for concise interaction via your hand-held mobile device enabling content in multiple formats from original research data including transition to complex interactive 4D models.

The genesis behind the App comes from the gaming industry making it light, fast and interactive platform streamlined to assist presentation, understanding and enablement of visual information.

With over 2 Billion Mobile Devices scheduled for sale in 2022, and over 180 Billion dollars in anticipated revenue, we see this as the perfect opportunity to create new content readily available for research, education, medical imaging, product development, training and teaching.

Until now, access to images from research, biomedical engineering and computational modeling has been limited to screenshots, powerpoint files and preset movie clips. Virtually all these barriers have been eliminated using this App, available through the Apple Store or Google Play stores. Contributors pay content upload and image data conversion. All contributors retain copyright of original image data.

The COVID pandemic has changed our work, educational and recreational behaviors and increased screen usage by over 50%. Our research in the field of eye safety shows greatly increased health risk from mobile devices. Use of our fast, effective platform streamlines image data presentation, understanding and enablement of visual information.

The 3D Digital Model Viewer for Mobile Devices is a secure interactive platform providing an immersive experience of original image data independent of complex, sophisticated image processing software or equipment originally used to acquire the information.

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