Data Analysis

Conducting world-class research in collecting, processing, and analyzing large amounts of data, visualizing objects, and exploring how data is stored and managed is often just the starting point of unlocking insights. At Rogers Imaging, we see it as our mission to assist clients with virtually all of their characterization and metrological needs – whether we have generated data or not. You can get the help of our data analysis experts and modeling services on a project or hourly basis.

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Theoretical Modeling - Electron Beam Penetration

Theoretical Modeling – Electron Beam Penetration

Other Lab Services

We have imaging experts on site to analyze your samples. Bring it, ship it or upload your image data for analysis

Material Testing

Particle Analysis

High-throughput data analysis

Engineering Support

Unkown Material Identification

Composition Analysis of Materials

Product Development R & D Laboratory Testing

Comparative Testing Lab Services

Nano-Material and Nano-Particle Testing Lab

Inspection Services for Electronics

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