Comparative Testing Lab Services

Bulk properties and gross composition of materials used in manufacturing or engineering are essential in some system-critical applications. Grade of alloy, chemical composition, and the art used in the construction or assembly significantly impact the final results. You must know that your supplier is providing the highest quality of the material.

The analytical expertise and range of services of Rogers Imaging allow a wide variety of devices and materials to be analyzed, inspected, and compared to desired requirements.

Metal Grains
Comparative Testing Lab Services

Metal Grain Boundary
Comparative Testing Lab Services

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Comparative Testing Lab Services

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We have imaging experts on site to analyze your samples. Bring it, ship it or upload your image data for analysis

Material Testing

Particle Analysis

High-throughput data analysis

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Unkown Material Identification

Composition Analysis of Materials

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Comparative Testing Lab Services

Nano-Material and Nano-Particle Testing Lab

Inspection Services for Electronics

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