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Rogers Imaging is an expert research and development consulting group servicing the biotechnology, pharmacology, industrial, manufacturing, and consumer product sectors.

We enable organizations across private, public and industrial fields to create evidence-based results, partnering with our clients to transform their needs into tangible solutions with added value.

With exceptional worldwide experts, we combine global expertise and local insight to solve your problem with lasting impact.

Our History

Rogers Imaging was created in 1997 due the need in the biotechnology industry to seek for advanced microscopy and imaging in the Boston Area. We are a group of Harvard Investigators with extensive experience in basic, applied science and technology. We operated   in Needham Heights, MA for 23 years and in 2019, we relocated to a new, state-of-the-art facility in Natick, MA.

Today, Rogers Imaging has a dedicated imaging and analysis facility with a multichannel (8 channels) confocal microscope, field emission SEM with EDAX as well as a fully outfitted basic science laboratory. We specialize in multi parameter imaging (TEM, SEM, EDAX, Fluorescence, brightfield imaging, etc.) and are confident Rogers Imaging can address the specific needs of our clients.   Some of the capabilities of Rogers Imaging include: biophysics of material transfer rates, analysis of cell/tissue culture materials, biopsy analysis, biofilm distribution, foreign body analysis, multiparameter 3D imaging, distribution analysis and thickness measurements, among others.

Who we are

We are the microscopy, imaging and analysis partner for all your research needs. We work with our clients in the development and application of the most advanced imaging and analysis solutions available. No matter if your need is a high throughput analysis using machine learning, research development or one-off imaging of biological/materials science objects we have absolute confidence we can apply our imaging and analysis processes to your unique business advantage.

We specialize in solving problems outside the typical research and development units or quality control groups within industry.

What we do

Our team of multidisciplinary scientists work together to solved a wide range of manufacturing problems from the food industries’ re-occurring issue with processed food to investigate toxicology of today’s state-of-the-art manufactured carbon nanomaterials. We have developed effective assays to quantify delivery and bioactive uptake of compounds and foreign bodies via several routes of administration in animal models of interest to pharmaceutical, manufacturing and toxicology industries.

We understand the sensitive nature of our projects and clients, we operate under strict confidentiality and prefer to operate under an NDA.

Who we serve

We partner with our clients to transform their needs into tangible solutions with added value. We have work with a full spectrum of business – from startup, small/mid-size companies to corporate leaders as well as legal firms engaged in litigation and patent infringement in many different fields such as pharmaceutical, biotechnology,  manufacturing, mining  and consumer products. We have supported several hundred companies worldwide. Our customers include those of Fortune 500 companies.

Our Team

Rick A. Rogers, Ph.D
Rick A. Rogers, Ph.DPrincipal Research Scientist, Department of Environmental Health, Harvard University.
Rosalinda Sepulveda, MD. Ph.D.
Rosalinda Sepulveda, MD. Ph.D.Research Associate, Department of Environmental Health, Harvard University
Jean Lai, MBA
Jean Lai, MBATreasurer

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