This sample was prepared, image processed, 3D rendered and analyzed using Rogers Imaging proprietary techniques, processes and expertise. The precise details of each foreign body (in red); all measurements, lengths, volume, regional and segmented densities are identified; as well as inflammatory cells associated with those foreign bodies in a distal airway of lung tissue. Importantly, pathological and histopathological features can be identified from the same data set. Sample is 210 microns long and 70 microns deep.

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We conducted an independent analysis on a drug study tha had beed previously evaluated, to ensure that standards were up to FDA code.

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There was a concern the material used to make disposable diapers was toxic when inhaled. Various tests were taken to break down the material and test its toxicity levels. As a result the diaper dust material was found non toxic. It was also impossible for someone in a household to break this material down small enough to inhale dry.

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